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We care deeply about you and your health and safety, so we have installed an Ultraviolet Germicidal Air Purifier in our Tasting Room ventilation system. This system treats the inside air to remove viruses, allergens, bacteria and mold from the air. This non-chemical application is deadly to micro-organisms exposed to the UV light rays, ensuring air is treated before being released into the room. Our Tasting Room also has a high-efficiency ventilation system for exhaust air, which ensures our air circulates and stays fresh. The investment in this air treatment system is another example of steps we take to enhance the safety of our indoor space, and we continue to abide by all state and federal coronavirus safety and prevention guidelines and directives to the very best of our ability. We thank you for your continued support - be safe and well!

We are committed to providing a safe and sanitary environment for
you and your guests! As of June 2nd, 2021 with the Governor
rescinding all COVID-19 related public health orders, masks are optional at the
winery (but encouraged for unvaccinated customers). A hand sanitization station
will be provided at the front door and in common areas – we ask all guests to
sanitize their hands upon arrival (and as needed). We have no outdoor seating,
but we will open the garage doors when the weather permits!

Yes! All guests will be subject to an ID check for any purchases of alcohol. No alcoholic beverages will ever be sold or served to anyone under 21 years of age.

CLE Urban Winery does NOT have private parking. Metered public parking is available on Lee Rd and in the large parking lot and garage across the street from the winery behind the Cedar-Lee Theater. Of note, metered parking in Cleveland Heights is FREE right now, so there is no need to put quarters in the meter!! There is also a municipal parking lot on Cedar Rd one block west of Lee Road. 

We can accommodate groups up to 75 people for parties and events at the winery. Stop by or call the winery at 216-417-8313 or check availability, complete required paperwork and to pay the reservation fee to secure your reservation. Your party/event is not confirmed until these steps are done. You can also submit an inquiry below on this website or via email directly at

We offer the opportunity to reserve the winery space for both public events in a semi-private space during regular business hours (for up to 20 people) and as private events (for up to 75 people). Pricing is dependent upon date and time chosen and whether your event is public or private.

For events during regular business hours for up to 25 people, there is a non-refundable reservation fee is $25, payable at the time the reservation is confirmed. No bar sales minimums are required for public events during regular business hours.

The cost of reserving the Tasting Room for a private event varies depending on the day of the week and time period chosen. Bar sales minimums are required, and special alcohol orders can be accommodated for private event upon request. A non-refundable deposit of 10% of the space usage fee is required to confirm the reservation, and the rest is payable at the event.

Reservation fees, bar minimum and timeslots are as follows (NOTE: WE HAVE UPDATED OUR PRICING AS OF 9/1/2021):

Standard private event timeslots & bar minimums are*:

Sunday – 12-4pm timeslot: $500 bar minimum and $50 reservation fee

Sunday – 5-9pm timeslot: $1000 bar minimum and $100 reservation fee

Monday-Thursday – 12-4pm, 4-8pm, 5-9pm or 6-10pm timeslot: $500 bar minimum and $50 reservation fee

Friday – 12-4pm timeslot: $500 bar minimum and $50 reservation fee

Friday – 4-10pm timeslot: $1500 bar minimum and $150 reservation fee

Saturday – 12-4pm timeslot: $500 bar minimum and $50 reservation fee

Saturday – 4-10pm timeslot: $2000 bar minimum and $200 reservation fee

*Timeframes include set-up and clean-up time, and can potentially be modified upon request, depending on availability.

Absolutely! The winery is a lovely venue for these types of celebrations! It’s also a great place for a Rehearsal Dinner since you can bring in your own food! We can accommodate a maximum of 75 people at any private event.

No bar sales minimum is required for events held during business hours, however, we do expect that you and your guests will purchase our wine, beer, cocktails or non-alcoholic beverages during your event. For private events, a bar minimum is required, with a cash bar, drink tickets or single tab options are available. Special orders of beer, sparkling wines or spirits can also be accommodated for private events by request.

Parties and events at the winery during regular business hours are held in the shared, open Tasting Room space but with seating for guests set up in a semi-private area in the back of the winery.  All party/event guests are expected to share the common spaces of the Tasting Room with other winery patrons for parties/events held during regular business hours.

You can book a private event if you do not wish to share the winery space with other winery patrons during your event, or if you wish to have more than 20 people at your event (we can accommodate up to 75 people for private events).

We are not a restaurant, so you may bring in food for your party or event. No outside beverages are permitted. You can use any caterer you wish - and our preferred caterer, Zack Bruell Events, can provide food options as well as servers at the event to ensure the food service is safe and sanitary. Kim Paradise-Adelstein can be
reached at 216-296-3440 or to discuss all of the options available. You must provide your own paper products and cutlery for food service.

We also recommend Cheese & Charcuterie platters and grazing tables from our friends at Traveling Wine Merchant to add fun and elegance to your event - contact them at 216-401-6625 or for menus and pricing.

NO OUTSIDE BEVERAGES OF ANY KIND are permitted. You MAY NOT bring in or consume any outside alcoholic beverages at our winery – this is not permitted under our liquor license. If you have specific non-alcoholic beverage requirements for your event, please let us know and we will do what we can to accommodate you. For private events only, you have the option to place special orders for alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages to be served at your event.

The winery can provide the folding tables and chairs it has available for your party/event. If more are needed, rental furniture may be brought in with permission of winery management – Zack Bruell Events can assist you with this! Winery furniture and equipment cannot be moved for a party/event without express permission of winery management.

Yes, you may bring in decorations. However, under NO circumstances are glitter, confetti or candles permitted. Balloons are only allowed during private events with prior permission of winery management. No decorations may be affixed to winery walls and all decorations must be removed from the winery at the end of the event.

Yes, you may sell tickets for their event, if you wish, with prior approval of winery management after you confirm your reservation.

You may sell merchandise, food and other such items during your event with prior permission of winery management. NO outside alcohol can be brought in, consumed or sold at the winery. Non-profit organizations may hold raffles at the winery in accordance with local, state and federal law.

For private events only, you may play your own playlist on our Bluetooth speaker or stream anything on Spotify. You can also bring in a DJ or other live entertainment for private events.

Children may attend winery events with prior permissions from winery management, but no children are permitted to attend events after 6pm unless special circumstances apply. Children must be in the care of a parent or guardian at all times while at the winery.

For events during business hours, kindly contact us at least 48 hours in advance if your plans change. The $25 event fee is non-refundable for cancelled events, but you may reschedule without paying an additional fee.

For private events, cancellations should be made at least one week prior to the event. The 10% deposit is non-refundable. Cancellations made less than one week prior to the event will incur an additional 10% cancellation fee (of the required minimum for the period(s) of your event), and any expenses incurred for special orders or arrangements made for the private event must also be paid at the time of cancellation.

If you would be interested in finding out more about having a party, event or fundraiser at the winery, please fill out the interest form on our Events page and we will get in touch with you to make a reservation. You can also stop by or call (216-417-8313) us and we will be more than happy to help you plan the perfect party or event!