Our Story

Raise a glass to Cleveland! CLE Urban Winery brings the unique concept of a working winery and tasting room to the historic urban setting of the Cedar-Lee neighborhood of Cleveland Heights, Ohio. We don’t have a vineyard – our wines are hand-crafted and bottled on-site in our craft brewery-style winery and are made from premium juice sourced primarily from the US west coast and branded to honor and celebrate the city of Cleveland.

CLE Urban Winery offers our customers a chic, convenient, comfortable environment to taste and appreciate wine made in Cleveland, by Clevelanders. Our passion is to share our knowledge and love of wine with our customers and to offer them a unique experience unlike any other in Ohio. We share our love of wine through our unique wine tasting experience, wine-related events, wine education and appreciation programs, clubs, classes, and other offerings. We’ll change your mind about Ohio wine!

There are “wine bars” around the city, and a growing number of traditional farm vineyards and wineries predominantly located out in the Ohio countryside. We’re different – the CLE Urban Winery concept is not only unique because we produce a wide variety of high quality, hand-crafted wines within the Cleveland metro city limits, but also because all our wines are named to celebrate and honor the city we love.

Tasting Room

Handcrafted wine – right in your neighborhood! The term “urban winery” doesn’t just refer to a working winery in an urban space. The new concepts of urban winemaking, similar to the growing trend of microbreweries for craft beer, have been emerging across the country. We seek to embed our urban winemaking concepts into the greater cultural fabric of the city of Cleveland, bringing the customer closer to the winemaking experience close to home and integrating enjoyment and appreciation of wine into the fabric of the community in a more meaningful and personal way than a traditional wine bar or retail wine store.

Our winery and signature Tasting Bar is located in a 100-year old former garage in the Cedar-Lee neighborhood which we have turned into an urban winemaking oasis!


Our wine production area is located behind glass across from the Tasting Bar and is designed and built so that our winery operations are performed in full view of our customers. We recently expanded the footprint of our wine production and bonded storage areas to almost double in size, and added space for more barrel aging of our wines. You can now see the whole winery from the storefront window on Lee Rd!

There are ample seating areas in the winery. The rear section of the winery is an open space that can be configured in a number of ways to accommodate parties, events, receptions, and fundraisers. We don’t have a patio, but our front and rear seating areas feature a roll-up garage door to let the outside when the weather is nice!


Our Philosophy

Good Wine Made Fun.

Our hand-crafted wines are high quality, approachable and affordable. With the wide variety of wine we produce – white, red, fruit-infused and dessert, plus our award-winning wine slushie – we offer something for everyone, available right in the neighborhood in a casual, hip and fun environment.

Celebrate Cleveland.

We are Clevelanders – and all of our wine varieties at CLE Urban Winery honor and celebrate Cleveland and its neighborhoods, districts, traditions, and landmarks. Cleveland rocks!

Drink Wine and Do Good.

Another of the core tenets of our business is to actively support and participate in community service and charitable fundraising causes with and for the people who live in the city we love.


our team

    Destiny Burns


    I am a native Clevelander (born and raised in Euclid), and I recently moved back home after more than 30 years to be near family and to live my dream of opening an urban winery here in my beloved hometown.

      Dave Mazzone


      I am originally from the Cleveland area, however, I have not always called Cleveland home. My affinity for wine led me to the Napa Valley in 2003 to pursue a winemaking education.