Donation Requests


A Donation

One of the tenets of our business at CLE Urban Winery® is to “Drink Wine and Do Good” and we are pleased to support local charitable causes and organizations. We wish it were possible to honor all donation requests. Due to the overwhelming number of donation requests we receive, we kindly ask requestors to follow our process described below when requesting a donation. In order to consider charitable donation requests completely and fairly, we will only process requests that adhere to the following:

Donation requests must be made at least 60 days prior to the event or need date.

Only Tax Exempt, Non-Profit 501(c)(3) organizations will be considered, and requestors MUST provide a Federal Tax Identification Number along with requestor point of contact information, including email.

All donation requests must be submitted on organization letterhead and must state the nature of the request and purposed use of the donation.

Date, time and location of the event and any appropriate supporting documentation must be provided with the request.

All requests must be emailed, mailed or delivered to the winery for review and processing (no telephone or website requests).

Charitable donation requests received that do not adhere to the above requirements will NOT be processed for consideration. All requests are given serious consideration and will be reviewed in a timely manner. A decision regarding the request will be emailed to the stated point of contact provided. A decision to deny a request does not suggest that we believe the request is not needed or worthy. Approved donations can be picked up at the winery (unless other arrangements are made); please do not call to check on a submitted request. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Requests for charitable donations can be submitted in writing by mail or in person to:

CLE Urban Winery
ATTN: Donation Request
2180B Lee Rd.
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

Or by email at: with the Subject Line “ATTN: Donation Request”

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and assistance with this process. We appreciate your interest in CLE Urban Winery®.